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There are several symbols associated with lines:

1. Vertical Line: The vertical line symbolizes stability, strength, and balance. It stands upright and represents an axis or a connection between heaven and earth. In typography, a vertical line is used as a divider or to indicate a paragraph break.

2. Horizontal Line: The horizontal line represents peace, calmness, and equilibrium. It is parallel to the ground and symbolizes a stable foundation. In typography, a horizontal line is often used to separate sections or to indicate a pause or pause in speech.

3. Diagonal Line: Diagonal lines imply movement, action, or change. They are inclined at an angle and can suggest a sense of dynamism or progression. Diagonal lines are often used in design to create visual interest and to guide the viewer's eye.

4. Curved Line: Curved lines represent fluidity, grace, and organic forms. They can evoke a sense of softness, elegance, or natural shapes. Curved lines are often found in art, architecture, and product design to create aesthetic appeal and evoke emotional responses.