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Bullet points, typically represented by small dots or other simple symbols, are used to denote separate items or ideas within a list. They break down complex information into digestible, bite-sized pieces, facilitating quick scanning and comprehension. Bullet points are widely employed in various contexts, such as presentations, articles, resumes, and outlines. Function and Usage:Bullet points serve several functions and are used to:

1.Organize Information: Bullet points help structure and organize information, presenting it in a concise and hierarchical format. They allow for a clear separation of ideas and enable readers to grasp key concepts more easily.

2.Highlight Key Points: By drawing attention to essential information, bullet points enable readers to focus on the most important aspects of a text. They provide emphasis and aid in memory retention.

3.Improve Readability: Bullet points enhance readability by breaking up lengthy paragraphs into shorter, more scannable segments. They create visual white space and prevent information overload.