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Animal Symbols and Their Meanings: Animals are frequently used as symbols in art, literature, religion, and mythologies. Here are a few examples of animals and their associated meanings:

1.Lion: Symbolizing strength, courage, and royalty, the lion represents leadership, authority, and nobility. It often stands as a guardian figure and a symbol of power.

2.Eagle: The eagle embodies freedom, vision, and spiritual elevation. Its ability to soar to great heights makes it a symbol of transcendence, inspiration, and divine connection.

3.Dove: Representing peace, purity, and love, the dove is often associated with harmony, innocence, and spiritual blessings. It is a universal symbol of hope and reconciliation.

4.Owl: The owl symbolizes wisdom, intuition, and insight. Its nocturnal nature and keen eyesight make it a symbol of mystery, knowledge, and the ability to see beyond the surface.

5.Snake: The snake is a complex symbol found in various cultures. It can represent transformation, rebirth, healing, and wisdom. Alternatively, it can symbolize danger, temptation, or hidden knowledge.

6.Elephant: An emblem of strength, wisdom, and loyalty, the elephant represents endurance, family bonds, and prosperity. It is often associated with good fortune and protection.